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Erfolgreich durch gesunde Mitarbeiter


Das betriebliche Gesundheitsmanagement ist ebenso zukunftsweisend wie unsere Produkte...

25-Year Anniversary


A very happy event at the AFT Schopfheim this year!

Rework of the power train EMS


For Daimler in Sindelfingen for the power train assembly line at Daimler in Böblingen, near Stuttgart, AFT Schopfheim commissioned by the Daimler AG...

Bus lifting equipment at EvoBus Mannheim


AFT Schopfheim got the order to supply a total of 8 pieces bus lift system. The bus bodies are raised to a height of 2.5m ...

Body storage for Nedcar (Netherlands)


As a new manufacturer of BMW Mini cars, AFT Schopfheim will provide a high-bay body storage with offshore material handling equipment. The storage is provided as a buffer for the car bodies of the BMW Mini...

Management AFT Schopfheim GmbH & Co. KG


Mr. Heiko Hofmann was appointed to the management of AFT Schopfheim GmbH & Co. KG and to the board of directors of the AFT Industries AG

Pro7 - Galileo


The ProSieben TV science magazine with Aiman Abdallah shows on TV report "Maschinenwelten - Weihnachtslogistik"...

New order of AFT Schopfheim


at Deutz AG, Cologne

AFT Bautzen received a new order from Audi


AUDI AG placed a new order at AFT Förderanlagen Bautzen for the AUDI plant in Ingolstadt.

AFT Bautzen is pleased to have a major contract from Audi


The AFT Bautzen will equip the plant in Ingolstadt with new technology. Bautzen operate also for DAF and VW.


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