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VW Sachsen placed an order for several structural alternation works


In order to integrate a new car type at the plant in Zwickau, Germany, ...

AFT Schopfheim scores large scale order from VW


VW contracts AFT in order to deliver numerous new production lines and upgrading several, already exisiting, installations in their Bratislava plant, Slovakia.

AFT receives another order from VW Saxony


VW is planning to modernize their, Zwickau based, JIT production of wheels, seats and cockpits.

AFT provides the mechanical components for the AWT system extension...


... at the New Surgery of the University Hospital Heidelberg.

Order from BMW Leipzig, Germany


AFT recently received the order for the extension of the vehicle final assembly at the BMW Leipzig plant.

AFT Schopfheim receives order from BMW Regensburg, Germany


BMW is expanding capacities at their production plant in Regensburg, Germany.

Cooperation with VW Slovakia


AFT Schopfheim and Volkswagen Slovakia in Bratislava agreed a field test cooperation for the new developed AFTeco drive system for the EMS 200-2.

AFT received maintenance contract from M-Back GmbH & Panem Backstube GmbH


After successful completion of an automated deep-freeze storage at Panem Backstube GmbH in Bleicherode (Germany),...

AGVi-vehicles for BMW Berlin


BMW plant Berlin (motorcycle division) reordered three more AGVi-vehicles for their packaging line.

AFT project for industrial bakery


AFT has put a new conveyor system for the frozen section of an industrial bakery,...


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