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AFT enters into service contract with SCA Hygiene Products BV (NL)


After successfully finalizing the implementation of a storage and retrieval conveyor System...

30 years AFT


There's something to celebrate...

AFT-Project: Container weighing at the University Hospital of Tübingen


Part of the reorganization measures at the AWT facility of the University Hospital/Tübingen...

General Motors subsidiary Shanghai (SGM) places two orders for Wuhan and Jinqiao plant


AFT scored orders from SGM Wuhan and SGM Jinqiao...

BMW/BBA has ordered several EMS (Electric Monorail System) for their new factory in Shenyang-Dadong (China) from AFT


Expanding their factory in Shenyang-Dadong with a new body shop...

AFT EMS for brand new Panamera body shop at Porsche Leipzig, Germany


AFT engineers and delivers all necessary EMS lines,...

Engine-Gear Box Line for BMW Dingolfing, Germany


Expanding their Dingolfing plant (near Munich)...

AFT Bautzen successfully completed two orders for Audi Ingolstadt/Germany


In the north of the factory premises a process house was built by Audi Ingolstadt. With its nine floors it towers 42 m in the sky.

EMS systems for the body shop at Daimler in Bremen/Germany


AFT Schopfheim delivered two huge EMS systems...

Sachsens Ministerpräsident Tillich zu Besuch bei AFT Bautzen


Am Donnerstag, den 14.08.2014 besuchte der sächsische Ministerpräsident Stanislaw Tillich das Bautzener Unternehmen AFT


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