AFT Bautzen successfully completed two orders for Audi Ingolstadt/Germany

In the north of the factory premises a process house was built by Audi Ingolstadt. With its nine floors it towers 42 m in the sky.

The finished cars, delivered from the final assembly to the new hall via pallet conveyor technique, are now, before completion of works, branched via conveyor technology. For this purpose large twin lifting tables as well as conveyors cross- and lengthwise were installed. With the help of the large AFT lifting stations, the cars are lifted to the upper floors of the process house. There, they are provided for internal completion or delivery to the customer center in the Audi Forum. The AFT lifting stations with a length of stroke of 42 m are designed for the transport of all types of Audi cars. The lifting speed is 1,5 meters per second. The ground floor of the new process house also contains the division special finish for the completion of the vehicles. There, AFT floor conveyor technique is used on a grand scale. Two twin lane slat conveyors in stainless composition were installed by AFT. Additionally, AFT delivered and installed two vehicle washing and drying systems as well as a leak tightness testing facility for the vehicles. With the help of the approx. 50 meters long twin lane slat conveyors, the high-quality Audi models are transported through these systems fully automated.
Afterwards, the vehicles are committed fully automated to passenger belts for workers, which are 3,6 meters wide and 90 meters long. The two systems consist of multi-leg steel chains, which are connected to a surface with the help of ergonomic supporting plates. On these driving test and activity conveyors, terminal workings are carried out by Audi staff. Finally, two standard circuit conveyor systems with battery load preservation devices make sure, that it is possible to finally test the electronic system of the cars.