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Others claim to do - we do it.

Are you a facility manager, head of production, owner of a company facing questions like “how to optimize production efficiency”, “how to minimize costs of production”, “what investments will yield most”, “how to raise competitiveness even more” regarding your production and company?

By applying a proven procedure:

first estimation of influences and requirements based on initial information
inspecting situation on site by AFT to confirm and concretize estimations
preliminary conceptual design and layout presentation by AFT for agreement
budget offer by AFT based on preliminary approach
budget approval including agreed additions and changes
specified offer by AFT based on budget agreements for approval
contract placement after consent
detailed engineering by AFT in coordination with involved departments
production and assembly of all system components after latest designs
mounting, installing, system integration and start-up by AFT and partners
on-site testing and approval for final acceptance

Here are some examples:

  1. Nature and form of goods to be conveyed
  2. Dimension and weight of goods
  3. Transport volume required
  4. Necessary transport speed
  5. Cycle times and buffers
  6. Structural conditions on site
  7. Legal requirements regarding product handling and safety
  8. Environmental considerations and requirements
  9. Production steps and locations / technological process structure
  10. Travel paths / distances / heights
  11. Which areas should be primarily / secondarily linked together?
  12. Short-term storage and stocking
  13. Maintenance and serviceability
  14. Modular adaptability / extensibility
  15. System flexibility in regard of changed goods and processes

But to truly find the right solution, a lot of expertise is required.

Our intra-logistic solutions are used at almost all commercial sectors in which products are manufactured and goods need to be conveyed, processed, handled and stored, such as automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, machine and plant builders, e-commerce, service providers, logistic specialists and many more. Just give us a call, we are pleased to consult and help you.

We assist you with consulting, develop your solution tailored to your needs and make it work as your general contractor.
We will always offer you the proper solution to meet all your requirements, be it a proven, customized standard or specially developed system.
We will be your reliable partner from the start right to launch of production and all the way through the whole lifetime of your solution.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and naturally manufacture our products to applying directives and standards.

  1. Structuring and acceleration of production sequences at pick-up, sorting, storage, transport, distribution, processing, assembling
  2. Saving errors and manpower by automated handling
  3. Avoiding buffer stores by delivery on the spot
  4. Processing within difficult operational environments like heat, cold, overspray et al.
  5. Enhancing quality of production by clearly structured and traceable sequences
  6. Easing and optimizing workflows by suitable positioning and flexible timing
  7. Efficient use of production floors by routing transport via unused areas like ceiling space

Our modular designs ease modifying and extending of existing conveying routes and systems with manageable effort. Routing and conveying direction of some systems can even be changed by simple program alterations. Our systems are adaptable to futures requirements by design as well as by long term availability of engineering services and parts.

Most conveying solutions from AFT work well on raises and slopes. Steep or even vertical climbs passing whole floors are realized by integrated climb sections and lifting devices.

Our versatile and sturdy conveyor technology can be adapted to withstand the most challenging operating conditions throughout all industry like working temperatures up to 250 °C or immersion processes.

We’re not leaving you alone:

In case of trouble, our experts are directly available to provide remedy in the fastest possible way. For critical processes local specialists can be made available anytime by arranging a dedicated service hotline.

We deliver close to maintenance free products accompanied by structured inspection- and maintenance instructions to support effective and economical maintenance. Maintenance services according to your specifications or regular maintenance based on contract are also available.

All necessary wearables and spare parts will be delivered within shortest possible time by our service department. We also offer periodic parts delivery on subscription as well as customized parts kits matched to system and operation conditions.

We do not offer one specific product, but the whole range of inter-plant material flow – innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions for any kind of sequence throughout material receipt, handling and production up to high-bay storage, tailored to your need.

We make your conceptions a reality, be it as a general contractor or as a reliable partner for updating, upgrading or extending existing systems.

With more than 30 years of expertise and hundreds of successful implemented systems in various industrial sectors worldwide, we are your ideal partner for success.

What can we do for you?

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