VW Anhui MEB opening ceremony

VW Anhui MEB platform assembly shop processing equipment project

On February 28, 2022, a launching ceremony was held in Hefei for Volkswagen Anhui MEB Platform assembly shop processing equipment project.Mr.Koropp, Minister of Volkswagen Planning Department, Mr.Rived, General Assembly Planning Manager, and three major suppliers: AFT, Siemens(SFAE) and Tianqi, attended the ceremony.


Ford Otosan V710 E-Transit – Electromobility

Ford Otosan V710 E-Transit

The new E-Transit is scheduled to roll off the assembly line at the Yeniköy plant near Kocaeli (Turkey) starting Sept. 23, 2022. AFT will supply the electric monorail conveyor system of the chassis line, door line and engine line for the E-Transit. The project will not only save the customer CO2, but also a large investment in conveyor technology.

Through the cooperation with Daifuku and therefore the cooperation of the engineers, a LowCost concept was developed in the Door-Line. The concept consists of the transport of the front doors and the sliding doors, without an additional vehicle control. In the assembly lines, the old proven technology of the drag chain is used, with which the safe distance and the safe speeds can be maintained.

The additional weight of 800 kg, due to the battery in the heavy duty electric monorail, does not prevent us from transporting the car body through the assembly line to the final line. But we also overcome a limited ceiling height of 7040 mm with the right concept and make our contribution to electromobility.




Automatic high bay warehouse for BMW Hams Hall

AFT Group & Daifuku deliver customized turnkey solution for new engine exhaust system (EES) to BMW Hams Hall, UK

Over 350,000 engines are produced annually at the BMW Hams Hall plant. These are subsequently assembled at the various BMW sites around the world.

To prepare for the future, BMW has decided to build a new, fully automated engine warehouse in Hams Hall. The AFT Group, in cooperation with Daifuku, was commissioned as general contractor to deliver a turnkey solution. Next to an existing building, a 7-aisle high-bay warehouse with robot station and picking area will be built. An electric floor conveyor will be used as a link to the new warehouse. Completion will be in 2023.



We make a difference – AFT offers JobBike

Cycling keeps you fit, is fun and clears your head, and there is no better means of transport for the environment.

Our employees can now use the JobBike.

Whether city or touring bike, mountain bike or road bike, e-bike or cargo bike: every bike can be a JobBike and can be used in everyday life, in leisure time and of course also for the way to work.

To ensure that our employees’ families also benefit from the JobBike, two bikes can be selected if required.

We are already looking forward to many joint tours!


Business partnership with Daifuku of Japan

Our parent company AFT Industires AG has formed a co-operative business partnership with Daifuku of Japan, aimed at leverangig the material handling expertise of both companies in the automotive industry.

Both companies will use this mutually beneficial business partnership as a way to open channels globally and secure growing demand an investment from automotive manufacturers.

Daifuku ist the world´s leading suplliert of material handling solutions for automotive, airport and industrial sectors. It has sites in 26 countries, employs over 10.000 people and generates mulit billion pound net sales.

AFT are looking forward to working with Daifuku on future projects

Skid roller-rail conveyor technology – New finish area for the Volkwagen plant in Hannover, Germany

AFT Bautzen received the order for the delivery and assembly of several skid systems for the transport of bodies at VW commercial vehicle plant in Hannover.

The contract consists of several subprojects. In the existing plant, more than 500 conveying elements will be upgraded to meet the challenges of the future and thus to bring them to a new technical level. Several plants will be interlinked and expanded to meet the changing needs of new vehicle generations.
More than 150 new conveyors will be delivered and assembled for the new finish area, with steel construction stages and new control systems.

New parking system for Volkswagen Wolfsburg

Scheme of parking system | Transport pallet

At Volkswagen’s headquarters, AFT Bautzen has installed a new automatic parking and sorting system for various vehicle types.

32 different types of vehicles are stacked over four floors in the tightest of spaces and can be specifically ejected for test and examination purposes.

Electric overhead monorail and skid roller-rail conveyors for the body shop of Volkswagen Zwickau plant (Germany)

In October, Volkswagen AG placed a major order with AFT for its conversion of the Zwickau plant to 100% electromobility.

The production site in Zwickau is to be rebuilt into the European center of competence for electric mobility of Volkswagen until 2023. Based on the modular electrification kit, only electric cars will be manufactured there in the future.

In order to be able to implement this project, AFT will deliver and install several electric overhead monorails and skid roller-rail conveyors for Volkswagen. Two new electric overhead monorails will be installed, and two existing AFT electric overhead monorails will be converted and extended. AFT will also realise the conversion and renewal of two skid roller-rail conveyors. In this project, AFT can draw on extensive knowledge and experience from successfully completed bodyshell work projects of the past three decades.

For AFT, this order is the biggest in the company’s history! AFT-Group CEO Heiko Hofmann is very pleased about Volkswagen’s trust in AFT: “With this order, we are proud to be able to play our part in making the Zwickau plant the European competence center for electromobility at Volkswagen.”

High-bay warehouse for Panem in Bleicherode

New order in the frozen food area at Panem Backstube

The company Panem Backstube is expanding its plant in Bleicherode with two new production lines and commissioning AFT as general contractor for the delivery of two new high-bay warehouses and the associated conveyor technology. The storage technology used consists of two channel racks, one of which is in the deep-freeze area at -28 ° C.

The storage and retrieval of pallets is implemented using a shuttle storage and retrieval unit. The connecting conveyor technology ensures that the finished goods pallets are transported from production to the warehouse and from there to dispatch.

The new logistics facility will go into operation in September 2021.

Floor lifter for the Mercedes plant in Kecskemét

The Mercedes plant in Hungary is expanded.

In May 2018, production of the B-Class in Kecskemét was replaced by the fourth-generation A-Class. The foundation stone for a new, fully flexible plant was laid in June 2018.
In the course of adapting the production systems, 7 vertical transfer units of the latest generation are manufactured and delivered by AFT Bautzen. These are required to connect the completely new production lines with the transport level above.