branches around the world
More than
successfully realized projects worldwide
More than
years of experience in engineering new systems, converting, extending, servicing existing ones and warranting spare parts supply

Collecting, palletizing, conveying, lifting, lowering, slewing, positioning, automated storage and distribution.

That is the world within the AFT-Group acts,
but we recognize conveying as far more as just a physical process.

Our ability to adapt to various ideas and requirements, to address questions and anxieties, to take on all intensions like our own and act accordingly is what sets us apart in a positive way.

We adopt an inventive, dynamic and flexible approach to design and realization of projects to satisfy varying requirements in diverse environments.

Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and designed to enhance performance and yield of your business processes.

This makes us your best choice since 1985.

Facts and times

The AFT-Group, based in Schopfheim, Bautzen, China, USA, UK, Poland and Mexico, is one of the world’s largest companies with long standing history in conveying systems technology holding leading market positions in all areas of our work.

240 employees design, construct and distribute new systems or extensions of existing plants worldwide, each one customized to individual requirements.

Continued development and providing of innovative and reliable technology has made the AFT-Group a highly valued partner for facility transportation and automation projects since more than 30 years.



Establishment of the AFT Automatisierungs- und Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG
First large order from University Hospital Freiburg (Germany)
First substantial orders from automotive manufactures
Relocation from Rheinfelden to Schopfheim
15 empolyees – 4 Mio. turnover


Expansion of the product portfolio by acquisition of the Förderanlagen Bautzen VEB
AFT offers now new floor conveying systems to complement the AFT ceiling-mount conveying systems
60 employees – 27 Mio. turnover


Acquisition of the Dreier Systemtechnik AG to expand the product portfolio with logistic and storage systems
Establishing of branches in USA, Mexico, United Kingdom and China
215 employees – 70 Mio. turnover


Large projects with automotive manufactures, especially within the Asian market
Increased intercompany collaboration on projects among all AFT branches
330 employees – 140 Mio. turnover


Takeover of the AFT-Group by the Certina Holding AG, reorganization of company and group for sustainable growth
Increasing number of projects within the intralogistics field
200 employees – 50 Mio. turnover


Healthy growth of AFT-Group
Development of the Light-EMS system 200-2 for transport of light loads up to 250 kg
New development of AFTeco, an energy-efficient drive system for Light-EMS 200-2
180 employees – 100 Mio. turnover

30 years within 5 minutes