Why AFT?

The AFT-Group is a leading trend setter in efficient and reliable material flow solutions, since more than 30 years.

Our people, placing highest demands on all results of their work, are our driving force.

And why AFT? 

How do you benefit from being our customer?

Great importance is payed to promote and constantly develop our people’s skills and abilities, for this our management involves itself to address demands and help our people reach their goals.

From peoples progress we draw our ideas, evolve proven technologies and adapt our solutions swiftly and reliably to ever progressing requirements of our international customers.

Our efficient company structure with flat hierarchy, short decision routes and a strong financial backbone, ensures you excellent results even with complex situations.

AFT is …


Even after 30 years, we preserve our pioneering spirit and pay close attention on our customers’ individual requirements to find most innovative and economic answers to futures demands. To provide you the best solution on edge of today’s technology will remain our aim. By doing so, we can always offer you the best solution on time, which in return helps us with new developments like our new AFTeco drives.


Flexible and purposeful, like a smaller company, we work highly focused on demands, close to our customers. We react swift and straightforward on any changes that will occur, as usual in project business. But as a financial and professional global player, we are able to handle very large projects just as well. With us, you put your project in best hands, while being sure of its realization as intended.

a Teamplayer:

We strive to work with our customers as a team to realize individual concepts, that always have one primary goal: your success! Building a team and sharing your conceptions with our plus 30 years of expertise, that’s what makes successful implementations possible – that’s what we are pleased to make happen as your general contractor.

We are attentive; taking care that your investment is optimally implemented and quickly yields a significant return.

We are flexible; see that all requirements are met efficiently to fit your needs while you can devote yourself to daily business.

We work with you as a team, to provide you the best technical and economical solution by combining our strengths.

AFT – we drive efficiency!