Engine-Gear Box Line for BMW Dingolfing, Germany

Expanding their Dingolfing plant (near Munich), BMW has ordered a new engine-gear box line, for their final assembly, from AFT Schopfheim.

There, the engine torso and the gear box are equipped by workers, while being conveyed on ground floor lines. Subsequently, after joining the two
parts, they are passed to the scissors lift of the assembly EMS line (also delivered by AFT). The assembly EMS line conveys the engine-gear box units
along all dedicated work areas, where they are semi-automatically equipped with additional parts. Another, also new, inductive floor transport line
carries the front-axles, which are bound to be connected to the engine-gear box units, during the so-called “engagement”. Finally, the completed
drive unit is passed on and conveyed by AFT´s transport EMS line, in order to find its place in the chassis.