New order for AFT Schopfheim from DEUTZ AG, Cologne

As a general contractor AFT Schopfheim will provide the assembly line for the new generation of block engines at Deutz in Cologne.

Featuring the modern AFT technology, two flow cycle assembly lines for block engines will be installed. The project includes an inverted electric monorail system with 14 workstations and a skilled system with 36 workstations. At the inverted EMS system the worker is required to follow the production line by walking. The skilled system is designed as man rider technologie. With its 1.7m x2.5m large platforms, it allows the worker to stay on the platform during installation. The cycle time of the skilled system is synchronized to the assembly cycles. Both lines featuring lift and rotary units (SRU) which guarantee, that each workstation gets an optimal ergonomic position for maximal accessibility to the block engine.