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Are there questions?
Assistance or information is just a short message away. Just fill in the form below and state your request. Please be earnest with your request about our products, just as our experts are earnest about to help you. We will reply as soon as we can provide a helpful solution.
In order to help you properly and in time, we need you to clearly identify your product by including following information into your request:

  • Order number and / or project number of your product
  • Operating company and location of the product
  • Name and type description of the product or the concerned part
  • Parts or parts kit number and related drawing number
  • Subject or purpose of your request

Most of the required information may be found on the equipment type plate or within its accompanying documentation.
If your request involves third party items, necessary consultations with contractors may cause some delay. In this case, we like to thank you for your patience.

Is there trouble at hand?
In case of actual trouble, we can help you faster if you provide us some additional information about the issue:

  • Which part of equipment, component or unit is affected? What data shows on the equipment type plate?
  • Are there foreign or loosened parts or recognizable damage around or at the affected area? Do parts appear to be damaged or dislodged?
  • What exactly happened or is happening? In what sequence or related procedures does it happen? What are the consequences?
  • Does it happen the first time or has it happened repeatedly? In case of a repetitive issue, how was the issue resolved?
  • How does the control system react? Does the system stop completely or only in part? Is there an error message displayed? If yes, what does the message say?
  • Can you provide us some significant pictures or videos?