Wearables and spare parts

Wearables and spare parts

Automated carriers, part handling systems, material transfer and storage equipment are indispensable backbones for processes within nowadays production facilities.

For high availability, reliability and performance throughout years of intense use, an easy and swift supply of services and spare parts is of the essence. To provide this, a customer-oriented spare part business has a long standing history at AFT. According to actual requirements, we timely and reliably supply our customers on all continents around the world, even with critical or difficult to source parts and components on time.
Ordering individual parts based on demand may be feasible for mayor items. Stocking parts for a complex system by individual orders will simply be impractical. For this, equipment specific parts kits including all necessary items for operation and regular maintenance can be made available. Kits help keeping critical items at hand by easing orders and resupply of necessary parts. Our experts will help you to prepare specific parts kits or bundles for your system according to your actual requirements.

In order to help you properly and in time, we need you to clearly identify your product by including following information into your request:

  • Order number and / or project number of your product
  • Operating company and location of the product
  • Name and type description of the product or the concerned part
  • Parts or parts kit number and related drawing number
  • Subject or purpose of your request

Most of the required information may be found on the equipment type plate or within its documentation. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or in case of inquiries or technical advice:

+49 7622 3998-0