We put more in motion than one might believe

Ceiling mounted conveyors

Wherever floor space is limited, ceiling mounted conveyor systems are a striking solution. Using otherwise unused space of elevated ceilings or high building stories allows realization of efficient transport solutions, tailored to customers’ requirements. Whether a versatile, top-suspended electric monorail system or an overhead circular conveyor fit best – AFT offers optimal solutions regarding cost efficiency, technology and grade of automation for any customers’ demands.

Floor conveyors

Conveying bulky goods, big packs or voluminous assemblies to work on, that is where floor level conveying systems became indispensable. Automated transport and allocation of general cargo like palettes, boxes, barrels as well as assembly lines carrying truck engine skids or even complete car assembly stations with workers, floor conveyors make it possible. Based on unique knowledge and long term experience AFT will provide the ideal solution “right on the spot”.

Continuous transport along assembly stations

Storage systems

Flexible compiling and packing, automated storage, inventory management and precise delivery – a wide range of intra-plant logistic technologies are a major part of the AFT-Groups’ world. Thus, we offer advanced and highly beneficial systems for parts and material management to complement our material flow solutions.

Automated distribution of goods

To timely and precisely supply numerous spots within widespread facilities can be an arduous task. Here, the possibilities and advantages of automated transport systems (AWT) that can swiftly and flexibly fetch and deliver various kinds of goods right where they are needed are obvious. Within distributed production facilities they may form the production chain as well as supply lines for assembly. Within resorts, retirement homes or hospitals they can ease and optimize sanitary supply of drugs, clothing and food while in return remove used items and waste by otherwise unusable ways e.g. underground. Our flexible conveyor technologies enable sophisticated and economical solutions that will make best use of conditions on site and enhance your benefit.