Electric overhead monorail

Automated overhead monorails have proven themselves indispensable as a rational, space-saving transport solution throughout many industries.

The AFT electric monorail system (EMS) is a top-suspended conveyor system effortlessly dealing with all kinds of transportation tasks within limited spaces inside your company. Usually anchored on parts of the buildings’ steelwork at otherwise inaccessible levels (e.g. below the ceiling), an EMS keeps floor space available for work and production.

By use of intelligently acting, autonomous vehicles on a monorail, the EMS can not only transport, but also sort, store, buffer, prepare and deliver goods and materials just on time in a highly efficient and nearly noiseless way. An always precise handling and positioning of goods is ensured by the EMS-Vehicles advanced goods recognition, tracking and sensing technologies. The EMS also masters raises and slopes at steep gradients to be a perfect link between workshops and assembly spots equipped with mounting aids as lift-or-dip stations, component jacks or building platforms, naturally also part of our solutions.

Speeds up to 120 m/min
High load capacity up to 5.000 kg
Climb/descent up to 60º without drag lift

Prime features of the top-suspended monorail system:

• Compact and space-saving
• Intelligent and highly flexible solution for complex intra-plant logistics
• High availability and reliability, easy to maintain
• Highly effcient material flow, optimal manageable and cost-effective
• Compatible with all usual conveyor systems
• Optimal adaptable to any kind of warehouse, production and assembly installations

Open details

Mediocre energy efficiency and bulkiness of drives are all too common facts with electric drives suitable for monorail systems – but we can change that:
Our new drive concept AFTeco will revolutionize your electric monorail system!

The AFTeco for the Light-EMS 200-2 is made of an advanced direct-drive using a permanent-magnet synchronous drive with a dedicated control system. This new direct-drive technology renders bulky drives obsolete, is maintenance-free and yields energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional drive technologies.

With our expertise and a multitude of successful developments for various industries we always can offer you the optimal solution.
Electric overhead monorail systems for the automotive sector, heavy duty monorail systems for industry, special electric monorail systems for intra-plant logistics, and many more…

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