Automated order picking and packaging

Speeding up your item storage and retrieval – also one of AFT’s specialties.

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and warehouse management systems (WMS) can only work efficiently if incoming and ordered goods are recognized, prepared and removed in a swift and proper way. To recognize and index incoming items, sort and group into sets, pack and stow into storable units or retrieve packs, remove, de-register and re-pack items are complex tasks and a bottleneck to automated storage.

Back in 2005 we introduced “Pic Store” a new system for automated order picking and allocation of goods based on a new, ground-free storage and retrieval system. Pic Store is designed to break the bottleneck by considerably speeding up order processing by, for example, use of picking robots to flexibly prepare and pack ordered items on pallets in suitable layers and ready for delivery or storage.

Fields of application:

Chemical industry
Electrical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Automotive industry
Food industry (also frozen Foods)
Storage and distribution centers

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