Storage Technology

Sort, shelve, retrieve – automated storage systems are a vital part of nowadays production and also part of AFT’s Expertise.

To efficiently control material flow and inventory, automated storage systems are a major step ahead. But combining smart rack assemblies with storage and retrieval devices as well as suitable floor conveyors to a working automated system is no mundane task. AFT has all the expertise and technologies to provide your optimal solution for recognizing, shelving and retrieval of goods be it within a high-bay warehouse or a whole supply facility. That’s why you can find our systems and components in almost all businesses and industries – right through all stages of production and logistics.

One example is the Megaroll compact storage system. A smart solution to handle, store and retrieve high volumes of the same kind of palletized goods; perfectly suited for a small range of products coming in high numbers.

Fields of application:

Chemical industry
Electrical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Automotive industry
Food industry (also frozen foods)
Storage and distribution centers

Open Details

Turn-key storage solutions

Make your conception a reality by constructing your facility, applying suitable storage and conveying technologies, integrate and automate it up to industry 4.0 level, …

all made turn-key ready and tailored to your needs within reasonable time and expense – that’s what AFT can do as your general contractor.

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