Automated floor transport vehicle

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With the BTSi autonomous floor transport vehicle, AFT offers an effective and highly versatile alternative in the field of automated driverless floor transport vehicles – customizable to almost any need and very successfully proven within the market.

First introduced in 1999, an inductive, contactless energy transfer was successfully implemented with the BTSi system. Vehicles driven and controlled by floor integrated induction-circuits offer a wide range of possibilities, address nowadays safety requirements and expand floor transport into a new dimension enabling even outdoor or underwater use. BTSi vehicles use a high frequency inductive circuit powered by an external supply to offer highest operational availability and saving time and money due to avoiding battery recharge and replacement.

Payload up to 15.000 kg
Travel speed 0-120 m/min
Climb/descent max. 3° (5%)

Prime features of BTS autonomous floor transport vehicle:

  • Highest operational availability and reliability by use of well-proven system components
  • High versatile and adaptable to changing production sequences and requirements
  • Full compatible with all our conveyor systems and a wide range of warehouse, production and assembly installations

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