Powerful deep-freeze high-bay warehouse at Panem Backstube

AFT Group supplies deep-freeze high-bay warehouse for Panem Backstube

In May 2022, a major fire at Panem Backstube in Bleichrode destroyed Plant 1. The adjacent deep-freeze warehouse was protected from the flames by the fire brigade. However, the fire caused a power failure in the warehouse and incoming smoke damaged the high-bay warehouse.
Increased demands on storage capacity due to additional products from the bakery spoke against a retrofit of the existing storage technology. AFT was commissioned to install a high-bay warehouse with shuttle technology in the existing hall structure, which had already proven itself in the second deep-freeze warehouse, which was also supplied by AFT.
Thus, AFT will install a high-bay warehouse in the shortest possible time, which will have approx. 9,900 pallet spaces and 2 automated storage and retrieval systems, each with 2 shuttles for multiple-deep storage. The deep-freeze warehouse, where temperatures will be around -28°C, will be connected to the production and packaging lines via AFT pallet conveyor technology including return storage.