Ford Otosan V710 E-Transit – Electromobility

Ford Otosan V710 E-Transit

The new E-Transit is scheduled to roll off the assembly line at the Yeniköy plant near Kocaeli (Turkey) starting Sept. 23, 2022. AFT will supply the electric monorail conveyor system of the chassis line, door line and engine line for the E-Transit. The project will not only save the customer CO2, but also a large investment in conveyor technology.

Through the cooperation with Daifuku and therefore the cooperation of the engineers, a LowCost concept was developed in the Door-Line. The concept consists of the transport of the front doors and the sliding doors, without an additional vehicle control. In the assembly lines, the old proven technology of the drag chain is used, with which the safe distance and the safe speeds can be maintained.

The additional weight of 800 kg, due to the battery in the heavy duty electric monorail, does not prevent us from transporting the car body through the assembly line to the final line. But we also overcome a limited ceiling height of 7040 mm with the right concept and make our contribution to electromobility.