Electric overhead monorail and skid roller-rail conveyors for the body shop of Volkswagen Zwickau plant (Germany)

In October, Volkswagen AG placed a major order with AFT for its conversion of the Zwickau plant to 100% electromobility.

The production site in Zwickau is to be rebuilt into the European center of competence for electric mobility of Volkswagen until 2023. Based on the modular electrification kit, only electric cars will be manufactured there in the future.

In order to be able to implement this project, AFT will deliver and install several electric overhead monorails and skid roller-rail conveyors for Volkswagen. Two new electric overhead monorails will be installed, and two existing AFT electric overhead monorails will be converted and extended. AFT will also realise the conversion and renewal of two skid roller-rail conveyors. In this project, AFT can draw on extensive knowledge and experience from successfully completed bodyshell work projects of the past three decades.

For AFT, this order is the biggest in the company’s history! AFT-Group CEO Heiko Hofmann is very pleased about Volkswagen’s trust in AFT: “With this order, we are proud to be able to play our part in making the Zwickau plant the European competence center for electromobility at Volkswagen.”