AWT project – Connection to the new children’s and youth’s clinic at the Haukeland University Hospital

Source: Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen

The University Hospital Haukeland in Bergen is the largest hospital in Norway by number of beds and is also the largest employer in the region with approximately 12,000 employees. The building complex has already been expanded several times and adapted to the new requirements.

A new children’s and youth’s clinic has been planned at the Haukeland University Hospital since the late 1990s. In 2016, the first construction phase called BUS1 was completed and put into operation. By 2023, further construction phases (BUS2) will be finished.
The BUS2 project has a total gross area of approximately 50,000 m². The building consists of three underground floors (levels U3, U2, U1) and four above-ground building complexes of different sizes and heights from level 01 to level 06.
The route for the automatic container transport system (AWT) runs on the underground floors. The AWT-system is required, among other things, for the supply and disposal of waste, laundry and food. At the beginning of the 1980s, the AWT system was supplied and installed by Translift Schweiz AG. The facility has been expanded several times since then as the hospital complex has continued to grow. The last expansion took place in 2008 when the new laboratory building was connected to the AWT-system. This expansion has already been carried out by AFT Schopfheim.
Now the new children’s and youth clinic is to be connected underground to the existing AWT-system. AFT supplies and assembles 5 tons of steel auxiliary / suspension constructions, several meters of electric overhead monorail, various single and double switches, lifting / lowering stations, a total of 33 accumulating conveyors, 3 simple transverse transfer carriages and 1 transverse transfer carriage with rotating device.
The electrical system is contributed by Siemens Bergen.