Extension of the AWT facility in Augsburg Hospital

Augsburg Hospital

The Municipal Hospital in Augsburg was extended.

As part of this, the existing AWT (automated transport of clinical goods) system needs to be extended into the new building. AFT, together with Elektro-Maier from Ulm, has won the contract for this project as a bidding consortium. After assignment, AFT has joined forces with Elektro-Maier to form a consortium. While Elektro-Maier is responsible for the complete control technology, including the electrical installations, AFT will supply and assemble the mechanical components. A particular challenge here is the replica of all AWT components, since the company HERO (installer of the system) is no longer active on the market.

The installed AWT system is a rail-guided, automatic transport system in the form of a monorail system, which handles the supply and disposal of the functional areas with goods (food, laundry, medicines, waste, etc.) throughout the hospital. The AWT facility at Augsburg Hospital was built at the end of the 1970s. Up to 1,600 transports are carried out daily via the AWT system. There are 153 vehicles on a distance of about 3.5 km with 132 switches and a total of 45 transmitting and receiving stations.