Extension of inverted monorail system at Deutz plant in Köln Porz, Germany

Inverted monorail system for assembly of motors

In 2012, AFT Schopfheim delivered an inverted monorail system (IMS) for assembly of motors at the plant in Köln Porz.

This inverted monorail system allows a precise positioning of the motors (up to approx. 600 kg payload) on two axles, for user-friendly and ergonomic mounting of the motors.
At the beginning of this year, AFT Schopfheim received an order from Deutz over the extension of this inverted monorail system. For this purpose, new IMS vehicles will be delivered and the current return route will be rebuilt. This offers the possibility to integrate further workstations into this assembly line, in order to integrate two new engine series, the TCD 2.2 (3 cylinder) and the G2.2 / G2.9 (LPG). In addition to the mechanical modification of all vehicles, the vehicles and the system are equipped with a new control system as well as the rail with modern iWlan R-Coax, to ensure a reliable and robust radio connection at all times.