“Keep cool“ with AFT

AFT supplies the two target USA distribution centers for refrigerated products and food.

AFT has successfully equipped two food distribution centers (FDC) in the USA. They are identical in their construction utilising EMS materials handling technology. The first FDC in Lake City, Florida, entered into production in June 2008. The second followed exactly one year later and was built in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Both identical systems consist of approximately 3500m of EMS track, 78 switches, 4 elevators and 98 EMS vehicles. In these FDC’s they store food and frozen foods from the wholesalers which are then selected for the individual Target establishments. The warehouse divides itself into the „Cooler“ area at 0°C (+32°F) for fresh foods and vegetables and also in the „Freezer“ area with temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F) for the frozen foods. AFT has delivered vehicles called CaddyPicks. These are EMS trolleys with several functions which the operators interface with to compose the respective collections. The loading and the delivery of pallets is performed automatically.