Cooperation with VW Slovakia

AFTeco drive

AFT Schopfheim and Volkswagen Slovakia in Bratislava agreed a field test cooperation for the new developed AFTeco drive system for the EMS 200-2.

AFT Schopfheim provides VW Slovakia with five control units and motors, in order to achieve maturity phase of the new drive system concept for the EMS 200-2. Current EMS 200-2 vehicles had been taken out of the operating system and were equipped with a new AFTeco drive unit. These modified vehicles are now running in mixed operation on one of Volkswagen Slovakia body shop plants alongside with the approved common three-phase drive vehicles. The cooperation with VW Slovakia enables AFT to gain unique experiences and realistic results, which are not achievable under conditions of a practically completed long term prototype-test on the test track circle at AFT`s development centre in Schopfheim.
The EMS 200-2 system with AFTeco drive is mechanical identical with the best practice three-phase drive of EMS 200-2 system. Nevertheless, the difference is the drive system concept which is applied for patenting by AFT. An alternating current motor is used as travelling device, its rotor shaft – without intermediate transmission- serves the power transmission straight to the drive wheel.

This drive unit is much smaller and of half weight compared to the common three-phase drive with gear. Previous tests have shown that the new drive system concept is more energy efficient than three-phase drives.

AFTeco offers additional valuable side effects for AFT`s customers as there are a step by step exchange from EMS 200-2 with common three-phase drives to AFTeco drive and a superior effective power result. Further advantages are less maintenance efforts by avoiding oil check, oil exchange and gear breakdown and easy dismantling of the drive unit for maintenance purpose because of less weight.